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Sunday, June 8, 2014


So, yes the rumors are true.  I am going to come clean, and for all those who want to say I told you so, this is for you; I cheated.  Not just once but over, and over, and over again.  Morning, noon, and night I just could not get enough.  I thought I was so in love.  But then a dear friend in Christ pointed out to me we truly can't be in love with things.  We can love God, Jesus, our family and friends, but bacon?

Did I have you at rumors, cheated, love?  Gotcha!  We have repeatedly tried to be vegetarian, or at the very least pescetarian, but the bacon, as Willie Nelson so eloquently put it "You are always on my mind, you are always on my mind".  I really believed that if I put little pieces of crispy cooked bacon in with the vegetables that it would still be a vegetarian dish!  Really, who was I kidding!

Not a fan of brussel sprouts  add bacon; what about reclaiming that boring old chicken & pasta dish; you got it, add bacon. Ooh and before I forget there is actually a baked gnocchi and bacon dish that is absolutely divine!  I just can't seem to find a recipe that does not include at least a couple of pieces of pork fat...

You might be wondering why I am writing about love, and bacon together.  What does one have to do with the other??  In the literal sense probably nothing, but there is a reason why I did not finish my thoughts yesterday.  Today at church the Pastor talked about Love being a verb.  It is something that you actually do not just say.  I don't recall if I ever thought about love in this way.  It always seemed so important to hear, but what about the love you do? 

I ask you what can I possible do to the bacon to show it I love it?  Can I hug or kiss it, nurse its wounds, or just be there to listen in times of need?  I would have to say a resounding NO to those questions!  Can bacon love back?  Of course not, even after it is cooked and the tantalizing rich flavors have made the dinner dish amazing, do I feel loved by the bacon?  I may feel full and slightly guilty for straying from our healthy eating lifestyle, but loved no.

I can pray to God of my love for Him, and pray for family and friends.  I can cry tears, when the love in my heart is so full that it flows freely; whether they are tears of pain, sorrow, or pure joy it is the people in my life that my love is bountiful for.  I can wipe the tears from others eyes, and hug them in times of need.  God wants us to love Him as He loves us, and love our neighbors as we want to be loved (Luke 10:27, NIV). I can show them love and do acts of love in ways that possessions cannot.  Do I feel Gods love YES!  Do I feel loved by my family and friends?  YES!  Do I love my neighbor? YES!

So today before you find yourself tempted by bacon, remember falling prey to temptation leads to ruin (1Timothy 6:9, NIV). Today, before you say those words I love...  ask yourself are you loving your neighbor, or are you just stating your "love" and desire for...?



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